Ensuring your Navigation is a game changer in the modern warzone

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Case Studies

Background:The Black-Eagle 50 E RUAV was designed for an advanced missions requiring high location precision. Since the beginning of 2023, Israeli airspace has been full of red and blue GNSS interference. These disruptions have only increased during the current conflict

Background:The Oct. 7th conflict between Israel and Hamas poses significant challenges for manned aircraft operations throughout Israel. The disruptions and blockades not only jeopardize flight safety but also ground flights even in non-combat areas, leading to substantial revenue losses for

Background:UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters are multi-mission platforms, used for Search and Rescue, force mobilization, and other crucial tasks.Since the beginning of the Oct. 7th conflict, these platforms have been in high demand.While every minute counts, GNSS interference causes takeoff delays

Cyber shield solutions provider infiniDome ensures continuity of autonomous navigation and operation under GPS-challenged..

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