Critical Infrastructure

CISA has defined these 16 sectors as Critical infrastructure. There are 16 critical infrastructure segments, whose assets, systems, and networks whether physical or virtual are considered so vital, at least to the US, that their incapacitation or destruction would have debilitating effect on national security, economic security, national public health or safety or any combination thereof.

Due to its availability and accuracy, GPS is being used more in various industries such as power grid systems, transportation systems, banking operations and communication systems. Interference detection and prevention are crucial for CI resilience. System synchronization requires GPS signals for CI activities. GPS is prone to disruptions from intentional and unintentional jamming such as, other satellite navigation systems, or malicious attacks using a GPS jammer. Our GPSdome is a small add-on device, providing protection and increasing the resiliency of GPS devices against intentional (jamming) and unintentional interferences of GNSS. Our infiniCloud provides an additional layer of security through signal/data intelligence. This cloud software monitors real-time GNSS data using infiniDome’s GPSensor and provides alerts and early detection of jamming.

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