Surface Vehicle

USVs are popular for the use of surveying, intelligence missions, and surveillance and reconnaissance. Surface Vehicles (such as USV, submarines, or patrol boats) rely on GPS and INS for their main source of Position, Navigation, and timing (PNT). GPS can provide robust location information in normal environments where no interference to the signal from satellites exist. But these signals are extremely vulnerable and susceptible to jamming. Depending on how the GPS receiver responds to the jamming incident, the consequence of such interference might be the complete failure of the mariner’s GPS receiver or, perhaps worse, false navigation and situational awareness information. Our GPSdome protects USVs from jamming attacks which harm PNT data and impair USVs from operating accurately. Our next generation GPSdome2 provides high-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWAP mitigating jamming signals from up to three directions of attack simultaneously.

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