Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the future of transportation, but they greatly rely on GPS. Weak GPS signals are susceptible to jamming, making UAMs threatened by GPS-denied environments, for example, when tall buildings and bridges block the view of the sky impacting GPS receivers. GPS disturbances to crucial navigation and timing data have become more prevalent. If GPS signals are compromised, the UAM can lose control and even stop operating. GPS signal needs to be protected and maintained throughout the operation of UAMs, especially in densely populated areas, in order to ensure the safety of passengers, bystanders and objects. Our GPSdome2 provides high-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWAP mitigating jamming signals from up to three directions of attack simultaneously, allowing for UAMs to successfully navigate and reach destinations under GPS-challenged environments. For extra layers of protection for BVLOS operations, our Resilient Navigation System, which is our GPSdome combined with Honeywell’s Radar Velocity System and Compact Inertial Navigation System can provide solutions to a variety of operations under GPS challenged and even denied environments. For further prevention measures, our infiniCloud provides a layer of security through signal/data intelligence. This cloud software monitors real-time GNSS data using infiniDome’s GPSensor and provides alerts and early detection of jamming.

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