GPS is mission critical

The defense world is changing. Government customers no longer want a few large, expensive and powerful manned vehicles whether ground, air, or maritime but prefer smaller, less expensive or expendable unmanned vehicles. Traditional military GPS protection products may have been a great solution for these large platforms, but they are no longer viable for the smaller, unmanned ones. infniDome’s solutions are a perfect fit for that ever-growing void. We provide proportionate protection for these unmanned platforms.

GPS is a necessity for police and military drones, for tracking and protecting cargo and for critical infrastructure and assets to operate. GPS is the weakest signal used today. Jamming attacks have become the most prevalent method of RF assault interference used by criminals and terrorists. infiniDome’s products are the industry’s most disruptive solutions for detecting, monitoring, and protecting all GPS-based system assets.

Loitering Munition

GPS-guided loitering munitions are widely used today for medium-long range high-precision attacks…

Aerial Vehicle

In military operations, jammers are the most commonly used weapon to disable AVs such as UAVs and small….

Ground Vehicle

Today many GVs such as UGVs and and military ATVs are used for ground surveillance….

Surface Vehicle

USVs are popular for the use of surveying, intelligence missions, and surveillance and…

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