Frequently Asked Questions

Can you supply antennas and a GNSS receiver?

Yes, we can provide the antennas and/or receiver tailored to your application, together with our solution. Please contact us for more information.

I need to protect a military vehicle and/or a UAV, which solution do I need?

You can choose between GPSdome and GPSdome2 depending on your requirements.

What are the differences between GPSdome and GPSdome2?

While GPSdome can protect against one direction of interference on GPS L1, GPSdome2 can protect against up to 3 directions of interference on two frequencies in parallel.

Do your solutions require export approval?

Our GPSdome is a dual-use product which requires export approval from the Israeli government. However, OtoSphere, which can be installed in civilian non-airborne applications, does not require export approval.

Do you require a specific antenna array or CRPA antenna to work with your solutions?

Our solutions do not require any specific antenna array or CRPA antenna. We can work with any off-the-shelf GNSS active antennas as long as they are at least 10cm apart from each other.

How do I test your solutions?

The best way to test our solution is by comparing side by side two identical GNSS receivers (one protected and the other one is not) and operating a GPS jammer from a distance, going towards the receivers’ antennas until one is completely blocked and the other is not.
If you don’t have the option to operate a jammer we would be happy to provide you with customer testimonials.

I need to protect a GPS-based timing server, which solution do I need?

If your application is non-military or government, you can use the OtoSphere to protect your timing applications against GPS jamming.

Do you have any reports testifying to the performance of your solutions?

Yes, in order to receive the test reports and more information, please contact our sales team through the contact form.

I need to monitor GNSS integrity on critical assets, which solution do I need?

By deploying GPSensors at critical sites and using infiniCloud to monitor their GNSS status, you will be able to monitor GNSS integrity and receive notifications when there are GPS disruptions in your area.

Which GNSS receivers are compatible with GPSdome/OtoSphere?

Our solutions are compatible with any off-the-shelf GNSS receivers with an external antenna connection.

I have a small platform and need minimal impact on weight, size and power, what do you recommend?

Our solutions are designed and developed to be the lowest C-SWaP (Cost, Size, Weight, Power) available in the market and can be integrated with minimal impact on your platform.

I need to protect a truck, which solution do I need?

OtoSphere is the right solution for you.

Video Tutorials

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