Resilient Navigation Solution

End-to-End Holistic Navigation Solution with Integrated Layers of Resiliency Allows you to complete your critical mission both in GPS challenged and even fully denied environments

Resilient Navigation Solution

The joint solution by Honeywell and infiniDome provides the best-in-class resilient navigation solution tailored to defend UAVs from GNSS jamming attacks. By tightly integrating Honeywell’s Compact Inertial Navigation System (HCINS) with infiniDome’s GNSS anti-jamming technology (GPSdome) and Honeywell’s Radar-based Velocity System (HRVS), we created a solution that could be installed on almost any UAV providing it with continuous, accurate navigation data in GNSS-challenged or fully denied environments. The Resilient Navigation Solution leverages Honeywell’s profound knowledge and experience in world-leading inertial navigation HW and algorithms and radar-based alternative navigation capabilities and infiniDome’s C-SWaP disruptive anti-jamming to bring the world’s most resilient navigation solution for UAVs.

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