Case Study: Manned Aviation – Preserving Aerial Photography Accuracy Amid GNSS Disruption

The Oct. 7th conflict between Israel and Hamas poses significant challenges for manned aircraft operations throughout Israel. The disruptions and blockades not only jeopardize flight safety but also ground flights even in non-combat areas, leading to substantial revenue losses for aviation businesses. An Israeli company specializing in aerial photography using Cessna aircrafts, contact infiniDome for a customized solution as they were unable to complete missions for two months, causing a significant drop in revenue.

The Challenge:
Integrating our solutions into a manned Cessna 208B Caravan aircraft, which can fly at speeds of 185 knots and altitudes of 14,000 feet (higher than 4km), presented new challenges compared to tactical drones. This transition required technical adjustments to meet the specific physical and operational needs of a faster, higher-flying, manned platform. We focused on customizing the installation for this unique application, ensuring safety and reliability, without altering the aircraft’s configuration significantly.

The solution:
We integrated the GPSdome2 system with a special antenna plate to ensure optimal deployment on board and to minimize the need for aircraft configuration changes. Our field engineers provided customer support throughout the integration process and during flights, ensuring the best possible support was given. Due to the high altitude, the aircraft was more exposed to jammers, highlighting the necessity of the GPSdome2. This system offers dual-band protection from up to three jamming directions simultaneously for each band.

The results:
The installation of the GPSdome2 system yielded excellent results. Our solution reinstated the company’s ability to fly safely in areas previously inaccessible due to GNSS jamming and interference. This breakthrough restored the aircraft’s operational capabilities. As a result, the company could resume flights and once again complete photography missions, reinvigorating its income.
The successful deployment of the system on manned planes highlights infinidome’s relevance not only to the unmanned craft of the defense industry, but also for the private commercial sector.

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