Aerial Vehicle

In military operations, jammers are the most commonly used weapon to disable AVs such as UAVs and small aircrafts like combat aircrafts.. AVs are needed to perform complex surveillance missions. However, they are vulnerable and easily interfered with by enemy forces. Weaponized GPS jamming used by the Russian military is effectively preventing some U.S. drone aircraft operations over Syria and even disrupting drones with anti-jamming hardware. Without GPS signal, navigation is detrimentally affected and mapping is crippled, UAVs cannot carry out BVLOS operations, RTH, AltHold, and PosHold are all disabled. The UAV drifts within seconds and can easily cause a crash. Lightweight UAVs needing a solution that meets stringent C-SWAP requirements can be protected by our GPSdome the most disruptive industry solution for class 1-3 AVs. Our next generation GPSdome 2 provides high-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWAP mitigating jamming signals from up to three directions of attack simultaneously. With GPS protection, UAVs are able to complete missions under GPS challenged environments.

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