Case Study: Accelerated GNSS Position Acquisition Enabling Swift Deployment in Search and Rescue Operations

UH-60 Black Hawk Helicopters are multi-mission platforms, used for Search and Rescue, force mobilization, and other crucial tasks.
Since the beginning of the Oct. 7th conflict, these platforms have been in high demand.
While every minute counts, GNSS interference causes takeoff delays and complicates search and rescue operations for those injured on the battlefield.
infiniDome identified the problem and developed a new and innovative product to assist Black Hawk Helicopters by quickly and accurately logging preflight position data, even in the most challenged GNSS environments.

The challenge:
To complete preflight preparations, the helicopters required an initial GPS fix. Under GNSS interference, the location-fix process takes longer, and could even be impossible.
To enable the Black Hawks to takeoff as quickly as possible, we needed to provide externally clear GNSS signals from a “suitcase” style form factor that enabled rapid plug-in and disengagement from the helicopter.

The Solution:
We developed the GPSdome2 Position Loader – an independent unit that can be easily deployed next to the Black Hawk to ensure the reception of GPS signals. The design resulted in a stand-alone system without any power or data connections. 

The Position Loader is easy to deploy before take-off, and easy to pack and store within the belly of the helicopter, requiring the simplest technical procedures.
As part of the development process, we designed a dedicated flight test unit for the technical team. 

The Results:
The GPSdome2 Position Loader significantly reduced the time needed for getting the GPS fix, enabling immediate take-off, thus leading to more efficient rescue operations and many saved lives.
In Search and Rescue missions, time is of the essence. infiniDome  technology ensures that first responders have time on their side.

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