Enterprise Drones

Protect your GPS - Ensure mission safety

Anyone can buy a GPS-jammer online for as little as 30 dollars, which is capable of jamming everything within its range resulting in interference and stometimes a complete stop of operation. This includes your delivery drone carrying valuable cargo that has to reach its destination. Loss of GPS for these operations can jeopardize the safety of people and property below and delay crucial missions. As the drone industry expands and advances, so does jamming equipment.

first mile

First Mile Logistics

First mile deliveries have been introduced to transfer cargo from a retailer’s warehouse to the end…

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Second Mile Logistics

Commercial retailers use second mile deliveries to deliver large packages from suppliers to the warehouse…

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Source: FAA


Unmanned Aircraft System Traffic Management (UTM) is a “traffic management” ecosystem for…

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Urban Air Mobility (UAM) is the future of transportation, but they greatly rely on GPS. Weak GPS…

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