Fleets & Maritime

Fleet & Maritime operators depend on weak GPS satellite signals to determine the precise location of all assets. Unprotected GPS receivers are vulnerable to malicious jamming attacks which cause serious problems for fleet and maritime operators. Cargo theft is a significant and growing problem. GPS Jammers are the most commonly used weapon by cargo thieves. A truck is robbed every 5 minutes in Mexico and in 85% of those robberies, a GPS jammer is used. Our OtoSphere is a small add-on device created for commercial GNSS receivers, providing protection and increasing the resiliency of GPS devices against jamming attacks. Our infiniCloud provides even more peace of mind. Compatible with the OtoSphere, this GPS security cloud software monitors real-time jamming data using our GPSensor, providing alerts and early detection of jamming. By identifying and preventing instances of jamming, Fleet and maritime operators are able to stop navigation disturbances and theft of precious cargo.

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