Second Mile Logistics

Commercial retailers use second mile deliveries to deliver large packages from suppliers to the warehouse. There is heightened risk correlating to the use of these deliveries as they operate in urban areas densely populated. When these deliveries are performed in a challenging environment where GPS is prone to interference, the dependency on GPS alone is inadequate. The drone can start drifting and sometimes even fall on bystanders and objects below. GPS resiliency has to be ensured for the safe completion of the operation. Our GPSdome is a small add-on device created to meet C-SWaP requirements, providing protection and increasing the resiliency of GPS devices against jamming attacks. For slightly larger drones our GPSdome2 provides high-end GNSS protection with disruptive C-SWAP mitigating jamming signals from up to three directions of attack simultaneously, allowing for drones to successfully navigate and reach destinations under GPS-challenged environments. By preventing instances of jamming, UAV operators are able to stop hazardous collisions and loss of precious cargo.

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