Industry’s Most Disruptive GPS Anti-Jammer


GPSdome OEM is a small-sized, light weight addon board that could be retrofitted inside almost any UAV, side-by-side to the controller. It provides protection against GPS jamming, ensuring continuity of autonomous navigation and operation during jamming conditions. No other solution that offers such protection is as small, light, affordable, or as easily installed as GPSdome OEM


Small sized

40.3 x 65.2 x 12.3 mm

Light weight

35 gr.

Safe and compliant

Auotomative temperature grade compliant -40 to +85 CE and FCC compliant


GPS L1 C/A Code

Power Consumption

< 1W

Passthrough frequencies

GPS L2 & Glonass G1


100ns +/- 15ns (constant)

Insertion loss

+/- 2dB

Null steering algorithm

With proprietary signal filtering technology

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