Terms and Conditions:

  1. When relevant – The delivery is pending receiving Export License (by the Israeli Ministry of Economy or Israeli Ministry of Defense).
  2. Warranty is 1 year from delivery.
  3. Prices in quotation include remote assistance and support.
  4. Lead time will be given upon confirmation of Purchase Order.
  5. Unless otherwise stated, prices in quotation are Ex. factory ISRAEL. (Incoterms: EXW)
  6. Customer is to provide shipping instructions (destination, courier details, etc).
  7. Unless otherwise stated, prices in quotation are in USD.
  8. Prices in quotation are excluding customs charges, VAT and any other local taxes.
  9. Unless otherwise stated, payment terms are prior to shipping according to specified payment methods.
  10. Any quotation, unless stated otherwise, is valid for 60 days from issuance date.

The Customer acknowledges:

    1. That the Company is registered and conducts its business in Israel and, therefore, is subject to Israeli law, and
    2. That its own activities with respect to the GPSdome/GPSdome2/OtoSphere Products may negatively impact the Company’s compliance with Israeli law.
  1. The Customer represents and warrants that all of its current and future transactions with respect to GPSdome/GPSdome2/OtoSphere Products are and will be in compliance with Israeli law, including trade sanctions laws, and that it will never execute transactions or conduct business with respect to GPSdome/GPSdome2/OtoSphere Products, directly or indirectly, with Iran, Lebanon, Syria, North Korea and Iraq (including with Iranian, Lebanese, Syrian, North Korean and Iraqi individuals and entities).
  2. Moreover, the Customer acknowledges that the OtoSphere System was designed for civilian purposes and is meant for civilian end-users, and was not designed, tested or designated for defense or aerospace applications.

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