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infiniDome: Resilient Navigation toEnable the Autonomous World

infiniDome is a GPS Security Company developing GPS protection and resilient navigation solutions tailored for defending UAVs, vehicles, and critical  ..

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Xeo Cast LIVE @ AUVSI Xponential - Orlando, 2022

Interview with Omer Sharar, CEO – infiniDome


Volatus Aerospace to Offer Full Throttle Aerial UAVs

Full Throttle Aerial’s heavy lift, high endurance, robust drones are designed for infrastructure inspection and cargo delivery

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Case Study: Coping With Our GPS Threatened World

Cyber shield solutions provider infiniDome ensures continuity of autonomous navigation and operation under GPS-challenged..

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It’s Not Just the Airport: GPS Jamming Is Affecting People All Over Israel

Israeli farmers and professional drone operators complain of GPS disruptions to critical systems as jamming increases across the Middle East..

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The Current and Future Risks of GPS Jamming for Drone Technology and How to Prevent an Attack

The Current and Future Risks of GPS Jamming for Drone Technology and How to Prevent an Attack

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Massive GPS Jamming Observed Around Israel. Are Anti-drone Weapons to Blame?

New website maps severe GPS disruptions in eastern Med

  • Aviation watchdog blames drone warfare
  • IDF: ‘We are acting in a range of ways, others also defending themselves’
  • Russia deployed similar system in Syria

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The Vertical Space

A podcast at the intersection of technology and flight. Here we discuss the most important forces shaping the
market of advanced air mobility, with a particular focus on why and how they matter to those building a business
in this very exciting and growing industry.

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